If something looks too cheap to be true - then it probably is.

That's what nood customers learnt today after snapping up ridiculously cheap deals including $1,599 dining tables for $24.49 and $299.99 artworks for just $4.99.

While some messaged the store saying the prices looked too good to be true, around 130 shoppers were quick to snap up the bargains - only to be contacted this afternoon with the news they will receive a refund instead of an early Christmas treat.

A woman, who wished not to be named, said she looked on the nood website this morning before work because she knew they were having a sale.


"I have been eyeing this couch for ever and I knew they were having a 60 per cent off sale so I just jumped on quickly this morning before work," she said.

"I saw my couch was down from $1200 to $69 so I bought it as quick as I could and looked at the rest of the website and there was some crazy crazy deals."

The woman said it was very nice of nood to offer her a $100 voucher to compensate for their mistake, but was yet to receive the voucher from them.

Nood General Manager Jo Randall said online pricing for the store's summer sale had gone live at midnight and included some pricing errors.

"We had a technical glitch with our pricing information and quickly corrected it this morning."

Along with the bargains some items increased in price, including a $239 coffee table which went to $3,999 and a $239 bean bag which went to $1,499.

"Unsurprisingly there were no takers for those items."

Randall said the store was contacting everyone who made a purchase based on incorrect pricing.


"Unfortunately we can't honour the incorrect low prices they saw."

"We're really sorry this happened. We all love a good bargain but this was just too good to be true," she said. "We are offering a gift voucher to every customer who placed an order at the incorrect price.

Randall said the mistake is being taken seriously and the store contacted the Commerce Commission this morning to advise them of the error.

Nood has also updated the terms and conditions shown on its website.

"While nood was adequately protected under its previous terms (it is not liable for any failure to supply), nood felt that its messaging about incorrect pricing could have been clearer.

"This aspect of its terms has been clarified to say that nood will not honour any incorrect pricing."