The latest edition in our ongoing series, made possible by MYOB, looks into how businesses can cope in the face of constant digital change.

The adage goes that you can never dip your toe in the same river twice, and there is perhaps no more suitable metaphor for the modern business landscape.

The industry is constantly changing, with new players ripping up the rulebooks that previously defined how things were done.

But the likes of Amazon, Facebook and Google aren't going to be the last companies to challenge the status quo. The coming years are set to have a range of new players, all jostling for supremacy in this ever-heaving sea of change.


So how are Kiwi businesses meant to prepare for something when they don't even know what it might look like? And how can staff members ensure that they stay relevant as the jobs that exist today disappear for new ones?

Daniel Faris, from Locus Research, and Connor Roberts, from MYOB, sit down for a chat with NZ Herald's Will Trafford to answer these questions and offer a guide on how businesses can prepare for - and perhaps take advantage of - the next thing set to rock the digital world.