Asian-inspired restaurant franchise Wagamama New Zealand is set to start trialling the option to bring-your-own takeout containers for takeaway meals.

The Kiwi branch is a lead player in the global franchise's sustainability strategy.

Louisa Keddell, Wagamama New Zealand communications manager, said the move aligns with the company's ethos as it works towards becoming more sustainable.

"In true kaizen spirit, we recognise the need for 'good change' and to exist and grow in harmony with our environment and the needs of our planet. We are consistently looking into ways to make sustainable changes by eliminating plastic straws last year and now trialling this new initiative," Keddell said.


The company is also giving its customers the opportunity to vote for one of two New Zealand environmental charities – Our Seas Our Future and Sustainable Coastlines – through its #TakeOutWithout campaign.

"We felt that it was also important that we listen to our customers and the community, and give them the choice and opportunity to make a good change," Keddell said.

"We hope our customers support this and that it can be implemented permanently, with other New Zealand restaurants giving it a go."

Camden Howitt, Sustainable Coastlines co-founder, said New Zealand's small size and place in the world gives it the opportunity to position itself as a world leader in sustainability solutions.

"New Zealand should take a leadership approach, both with individuals being innovative and coming up with new ideas and businesses operating here being used as testing grounds for new ideas that can be refined further to solve bigger environmental issues," Howitt said.

"We are a smaller ship so we can turn more easily which gives us more opportunity to lead trials and roll out good sustainability solutions around the world."

Wagamama has two restaurants in Auckland and one in Wellington.

The company, which was established in London in 1992, also has franchises in 18 different countries across Europe, the Middle-East and New Zealand.