If you want a proven way to attract ideal new clients for your business I highly recommend you test using a special report.

Think of a special report as being a valuable 'how to' guide related to area of expertise.

A special report will often have insider secrets and special tips that a typical new customer will probably not know about.


So a special report is something a potential new customer will find helpful if they are thinking about using the types of services you offer.

Here is a good example:

The Employment Advocate

Here in New Zealand we have very strict employment laws on what you have to do to remove people who are not a good fit for your organisation.

If you make even a tiny mistake in the steps you follow there is a very good chance that it will cost you a lot of money if the person you are removing files a personal grievance claim against your business.

Paul Brown is an employment advocate and works with employers to stop them making expensive and time wasting employment law mistakes.

I created a special report for Paul called 'The Employment Law Survival Guide' and Paul offers this at no charge on his website.

Here are the key things that employers learn when they read Paul's special report:

• The single most important thing you need to do with any employment law problem


• Why you need to slow down and C.Y.A. with every employment law problem

• The exact steps you need to take to hold a fair disciplinary meeting.

• Why you should never practise D.I.Y employment law.

• How 'Calderbank Offers' can save you thousands of dollars in an employment dispute

• Why you want to go to mediation as quickly as possible with any employment law problem

• Why you should avoid the Employment Relations Authority if at all possible

• And much more

If an employer has an employment law problem or they are thinking about removing a person from their organisation they will get a ton of useful ideas from reading Paul's special report.

Paul can now add value and stay in touch with everyone who has ordered his special report.

And he knows that everyone who has ordered his special report is now potentially a client for his employment law services.

One of the best things about using special reports is that it eliminates the hard work of 'chasing' new clients.

It's a lot more fun when they are 'attracted' to your business instead.

How do you create a good special report?

Step 1:

Give it an interesting title that will make potential clients keen to read it.

The shocking truth about cosmetic surgery

Five secrets to hiring great people for your business

How to solve the two biggest money problems faced by people over 40

Step 2: Include valuable and useful ideas and tips in your special report.

When you do this, you position your business as being an expert in the topic you are talking about. You also make it easier for a potential client to choose to use your business rather than your competitors.

Step 3: Make sure your special report is attractively laid out so it looks good.

Then actively market your special report to potential clients.

You can offer it on your website, advertise it with display ads, send out personal letters or emails inviting people to order it and so on.

Offering a helpful special report is one of the best ways I know to attract ideal potential clients to talk to.

And once you create a good special report it can often work well for years.

"These days, people want to learn before they buy, be educated instead of pitched." - Brian Clark
Action Exercise: Invest some time and create a special report that potential clients for your business would find useful. Then actively promote your special report to potential clients. This is a proven way to attract ideal new clients fast.

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