Less than three months left

As we move towards the end of the year, October is a good time to reflect on how 2018 has been going for us career-wise, before we lose all sense of context in the Christmas rush.

As you read each of the following questions, see how your answer either points you north (a great role), or south (a terrible role). Your final "career-compass" heading should give you a strong indication about your career steps in 2019.

Do I feel like I'm making a positive difference?


Although most jobs don't usually let us follow our heart in regards to our personal passions, it is important to feel like we are making a positive difference in the world by what we do on a day-to-day basis.
This could include overarching themes such as the environment, justice or education. If you feel like your job is neutral (or even damaging) to others, this is a big warning sign to look for a new role in 2019.

Your organisational alignment?

Do you respect the organisation you work for? Are they perceived as a fair and honest employer? Do you hold your head up high (or bow it in shame) every time people ask who you work for? It's vital over the long-term to agree with your organisation's values and corporate mission, not just be interested in the products and services they sell.

Enjoying your team?

Do you enjoy the team you work with? If you get on well with your colleagues and are respected for your role in your department, it's a real positive. We all have a "turkey" in the office or workshop somewhere, however if you have strong, positive and trusted relationships with others at work, you are in a good place.

Your Manager?

For most people this is a deal-breaker. Your boss is genuinely the single most important influence for (or against) staying with your organisation. Can you trust them? Do they act with integrity? If you respect them and they bring out the best in you, this is worth its weight in gold.

Do you live to work, or work to live?


Having a positive work/life balance is becoming more and more important to many people as we move towards 2020. With "life appropriate" working opportunities (including working a few days from home, flexi-hours and a 40-hour work week over four days), top performers will be able to choose what work style suits them best.

Exciting challenges ahead?

Can you foresee any positive personal development opportunities or exciting challenges ahead in 2019? If 2018 has been dry in this area, and you can't see any opportunity to grow, this is an area of concern.

Your final heading?

If, after answering the above questions, you find your "career-compass" pointing south, it's probably an indicator to update your CV and get it employed ready for an exciting new role in 2019.

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