An Old El Paso television advert featuring the actor Danny Trejo has been described as "menacing", "horrifying" and "very disturbing" in a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The ad in question features the actor, known for playing tough guy roles in films, at the head of the table, pulling a tablecloth off a table and saying, 'Amigos, it's time to ditch the dull dinners'.

The complainant said the ad promotes violence and should be removed from the air.

"It appears to me that had the man been home in a setting he may have been on drugs e.g. methamphetamine," the complainant said.


The complainant goes on to say that the ad may have been watched by children and teenagers who could've found it very disturbing.

"If they have drug abuser in their home, it could be even worse," the complaint said.

"It doesn't promote community standards for dining together; rather it suggests it could be a violent occasion to be avoided. It promotes violence, undue aggression, and menacing or horrifying elements likely to disturb and may encourage anti-social behaviour."

"As a 70-year-old I found it very disturbing."

The ASA noted the complainant's concern that the advertisement showed a threatening character which could promote violence but ultimately ruled there were no grounds to proceed in this case.

The ASA said the advertisement relied on humour and at no point did any other person in the advertisement appear concerned with the actions of the lead character.

The ASA concluded the ad was unlikely to support or encourage unacceptable violence or cause serious or widespread offence.