Property developer and brothel owner John Chow says he's interested in running for the Auckland mayoralty.

Mayoral elections in the country's biggest city are coming up next year. Incumbent Mayor Phil Goff is expected to run again.

But Chow - who owns the Chow Group with his brother Michael - has indicated his interest.

Chow said on social media site LinkedIn that one in four of Aucklanders were Asian.


"Is it time for the Asian community of Auckland to nominate a candidate for mayor? I could be arm-twisted to put my name forward, if there's enough interest," Chow said.

"Why? Because I believe I have a unique mix of growing up as a Kiwi but holding onto my Asian roots and beliefs while successfully growing a business empire."

The Chow brothers are in charge of a substantial business portfolio including commercial properties, strip clubs, and brothels.

"What would I stand for? I have grown up in a regular household with a dream of building something that I can be proud of," Chow said.

"New Zealand has allowed me to dream big and I have taken that opportunity to work my way from running a fish n chip shop with my brother to running a multi-million dollar business spanning varied industries. It is for this reason I believe I know how to help Aucklanders be great again," he said.

"I think it is a good time for a multi-cultured leader that is ambitious and can deliver. I believe that it is time for a change and the people of Auckland need a leader that will stand up for Auckland's identity," he said.

"I can assure the voters of Auckland that I am serious about my campaign and would never be boring."

A number of people gave support for Chow in their comments on his post.


In 2011, the 124-year-old ­Palace Hotel on Auckland's Victoria St was reduced to rubble after the Chows' renovations caused large cracks in its walls and destabilised its ­structure.

A council-commissioned ­report later found the owners had failed to ensure it was being safely renovated - but ­Auckland Council ruled there was not enough ­evidence for a successful ­prosecution.