I'm a big fan of using marketing strategies that produce quick increases in sales and take very little time to put into action.

So here are three simple marketing strategies that will give your sales a noticeable boost in as little as five days.

You may like to use just one or two of these marketing strategies.

Or if you are very ambitious you might like to try all three of them.


The choice is yours.

Strategy one: Create a simple four page info magnet that you can use to attract ideal new clients.

Choose a catchy title like: "The five biggest mistakes in buying X for people who are Y"

In this case X is the service you sell and Y is your ideal client for this service.

So if you sell insurance your four page info magnet might be called: "The five biggest mistakes in buying life insurance for people aged in their forties"

Then list five common mistakes these people make. (Mistake number five could be not talking to a professional advisor (like you) who can help them avoid making all these mistakes.

Write 2-4 paragraphs about each mistake and at the end of the info magnet offer a free consultation.

Then offer this info magnet on your website and to every past and present client plus potential clients.


Also ask a number of key referral sources to recommend this info magnet to all their clients as well.

You can easily write a four page info magnet like this in less than two hours.

The first page is just the title with a nice picture or two.

The last page is a summary of the five key mistakes.

And the first two pages are the five mistakes explained in 2-4 paragraphs each.

The big advantage of creating this four page info magnet is that you can use it in both hard copy and digital format.

And you should be able to start using it attract new clients in less than five days.

Strategy two: Persuasive testimonials.

Interview two of your best clients who love you and the service that you sell.

Ask them to explain why they love your service and why they highly recommend the service you sell to other people.

Ask them to also explain all the benefits they have enjoyed and the problems they have solved by buying this service from you.

Get their permission to use their comments in your marketing.

Congratulations you now have two persuasive testimonials that you should use a dozen different ways.

Include these testimonials in every sales presentation you give, include them in your proposals and quotes, send them to potential clients who are considering using your service, put them on your website and so on.

You can easily interview two clients and write up their comments in less than two hours.

And once you have these positive testimonials on hand you can use them forever in many of your sales and marketing activities.

Strategy three: Create a positive point of difference in your business.

In other words say something that immediately shows why you are special compared to all your competitors.

I saw an excellent example of this a few days ago.

I was chatting with a client who is a tax accountant based in the United States.

I asked him if he had a good printer so he could put into action a couple of marketing strategies that involved using printing.

My client told me that he had an excellent printer who calls himself "The Happy Printer".

That immediately conjured up a picture in my mind of a printer who was happy and smiling and fun to do business with.

And with those three words "The Happy Printer" he's immediately set himself apart from all the other printers in his area.

I recall a business coach who told me he transformed his business as soon as he began calling himself "The Business Coach for Web Developers".

Suddenly he was different from all the other business coaches out there and in his first year of doing this he increased his sales by 500%.

Just pick something positive that you think many of your clients might value and test it in your marketing.

You can easily do this in less than two hours.

Then announce what you are doing to be special to all your clients (past and present), put it on your website, explain it to potential clients and key referral sources.

You are now giving dozens of people a positive reason to choose your business over all your competitors.


There are literally hundreds of simple strategies that you can use to quickly improve your sales.

And many of these strategies (including the three I've just shared with you) can be put into action in two hours or less.

"Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it." - Jack Canfield

Action Exercise:

Pick at least one of these three strategies and put it into action in your own business in the next week.

- Graham McGregor is a Marketing Advisor and helps businesses who offer an expensive service to quickly attract ideal new clients. You can download his brand new 106 page marketing guide 'The Expensive Service Marketing Solution' at no charge from www.TheExpensiveServiceMarketingSolution.com