A 32-unit apartment block has won planning consent to be built alongside the railway line on the old Kings Plant Barn site by Orakei Train Station in Remuera.

OP Trustee got plans approved by Auckland Council to develop the 7395ha site at 236 Orakei Rd, calling the project The Peninsula and planning 70 carparks.

The project is planned for the site along the boundary of the Northern Trunk Line.



The consent document said that Kings Plant Barn building are generally vacant due to the operation moving to 228 Orakei Road.

There is currently an apartment showroom located in part of the former Kings Barn building.

Other projects have also been planned for the site, the consent document noted.

The consent document said that all units are generously sized with balcony areas, and that owners will also have access to a large communal space.

"The building has been designed to meet the acoustic and vibration standards of the Unitary Plan, particularly in relation to the adjoining rail line," the consent said.

Auckland councillor Desley Simpson said many people in the community were not fans of the development but that it was within the Unitary Plan rules.

Another councillor, Richard Hills, welcomed the plans, saying "this is what the unitary plan was designed for - transport and housing together".

"We are catching up to the rest of the world," he said.