Turkey is imposing tariffs on nearly two dozen US products, ranging from cars to sunscreen, to strike back at Washington's sanctions on imported steel and aluminum.

According to documents filed with the World Trade Organisation, Turkey will slap US$267 million ($390.8m) in tariffs on US$1.8 billion worth of products the United States exports to Turkey.

The tariffs, which take effect Thursday, are in retaliation for President Donald Trump's decision to tax foreign steel and aluminum. The US says the metals imports pose a threat to US national security. The move has enraged traditional US allies such as the European Union, Canada and Turkey.

On Friday, the 28-nation EU will start taxing a range of US imports, including Harley-Davidson motorcycles and cranberries.


"We cannot and will not allow Turkey to be wrongly blamed for America's economic challenges," said Turkish Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci.

The US tariffs come to US$267m on US$1.1b in Turkish steel and aluminum shipments to the United States. Turkey is America 32nd-biggest trading partner, according to the Office of the US Trade Representative.

- AP