One of my favourite entrepreneurs is

, the creator of the world's most popular blank book

Everything Men Know About Women



Over the last 47 years Cindy has been using a simple system she calls "The 3A Formula" to create remarkable results in many parts of her life.

This simple formula has allowed her to travel the world, become financially independent at a very young age and do all the things she loves to do.

Let me hand you over to Cindy to explain how her 3A formula works…

The 3A formula is very simple.

1. I ask myself a question about how I can achieve an important goal in my life or how I can eliminate a big obstacle that is stopping me from achieving this goal.

2. I then come up with some answers to this question.

3. Finally, I take inspired action on one or more of these answers.


The 3A Formula step one: Ask better questions

The questions you ask determine the answers you get.

The size of your question determines the size of your answer.

Very few people ask million dollar questions.

Yet these questions are yours to ask whenever you want to!


If one of your goals is to have more money, you might ask yourself the following questions.


• What can I do to earn in one day that most people earn in a month?
• What can I do to earn in a month that most people earn in a year?
• What can I do to earn in one year that most people earn in a lifetime?

Whatever ideas you come up with will remain ideas until you identify the action steps and follow through that you can take to make them your reality.

For example, many people told me, "I could have thought of the blank book, Everything Men Know About Women." Yes, anybody could have done it. However, not everybody was willing to commit to the course and to take action.

The 3A Formula step two: Come up with some answers

When you come up with some answers to better questions keep in mind that there is a hard way and an easy way to get the better results you want to enjoy.

Your goal when looking at the answers you come up with is to find an easy way that gives you a great result without a lot of hard work.

I love to keep things simple so I often ask myself "How can I make this simple?" or "How can I use the 'law of least effort?'"


My answers to these two questions are the reason that I sold my blank book Everything Men Know About Women in boxes of 100.

I did not want to break down the boxes and sell them one book at a time.

And if I didn't have to do things the hard way, I certainly wasn't going to!

The key here is there is usually an easier way to reach your goal.

The 3A Formula step three: Take inspired action

When you come up with some answers to better questions, you then need to take Inspired Action on some of these answers.

Inspired Action just means you use your intuition to guide you to the best action for you to take right now.


Using your intuition is simple:

When you think about taking a specific action, pay close attention to what you see, hear and feel…


Let's say you are considering hiring a new salesperson to help you increase sales for your business.

Ask yourself "If I hire this new sales person, what happens?"

Then pay very close attention to how you FEEL.


If you get a lot of positive feedback from your intuition, it shows you that this possible action step is worth taking at this time.

If you get a lot of negative feedback from your intuition, it shows you that this particular action step is not the right one to take at this time.

Remember that intuition is like a muscle and the more you use it the stronger it will become.

I highly recommend you use the 3A Formula to transform your business and also your life
You'll be delighted at the positive results you will create when you do this.

"If you want better experiences in your life ask better questions" - Cindy Cashman
Action Exercise:

Cindy explains her 3A formula in great detail in her Million Dollar Question Handbook which she has made available at no charge to Herald readers. Click here for your free copy.


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