KFC has waded into political territory, offering the US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a tongue-in-cheek meal option while in Singapore.

Dubbed the "Four Peace" meal, KFC bespoke offering includes four pieces of chicken, two whipped potatoes, two coleslaws and two beverages.

KFC announced the meal via its Facebook page on June 8, inviting the controversial world leaders for a sit-down meal at one of the chain's Sentosa branches.

Adding a bit of extra flavour to the post was the fact that it was written in the voice of Colonel Sanders and also included a little jab at Trump's use of the word "bigly".


Hey President Donald J. Trump & Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, I heard that you’re in Singapore for a historic summit! To...

Posted by KFC on Friday, 8 June 2018

Although brands will always try to wriggle their way into major world events, KFC already has a legitimate link to Trump, after the US leader posted an image of himself digging into KFC (albeit strangely with a knife and fork) on a flight.

On a more serious note, the summit between the US and North Korea has been highly anticipated, and optimists suggest it could be the start of complete denuclearisation of the Asian state.

Trump cast his Tuesday summit with Kim as a "one-time shot" for the autocratic leader to ditch his nuclear weapons and enter the community of nations, saying he would know within moments if Kim was serious about the talks.

Trump has admitted to being a fan of KFC in the past. Photo/Daily Mail.
Trump has admitted to being a fan of KFC in the past. Photo/Daily Mail.

Trump on Saturday said he was embarking on a "mission of peace", as he departed the Group of Seven meeting in Canada to fly to the summit site in Singapore.

Saying he has a "clear objective in mind" to convince Kim to abandon his nuclear programme in exchange for unspecified "protections" from the US, Trump acknowledged that the direction of the high-stakes meeting is unpredictable, adding it "will always be spur of the moment".