Rotorua craft brewery Croucher Brewing has launched a nationwide search for a "craft beer ambassador".

The ideal candidate for the position will have a love for both craft beer and trail running.

The ad is for a volunteer position - although the chosen candidate will be paid in kind.

"We seek a runner and/or a lover of the world famous Tarawera Ultramarathon to become Croucher Brewing Co's Ambassador for this incredible event and the world-class running trails of Rotorua," the job ad reads.


The ambassador's role is to then promote both Rotorua-based Tarawera Ultramarathon and Croucher Brewing via social media.

In return, the brewery offers 48 bottles of craft beer a month for six months, as well as $100 a month to spend at Croucher's Brew Bar in Rotorua, and a couple of T-shirts.

Brewery owner Paul Croucher says the idea is to help support the local ultramarathon.

"It's an incredible event and pretty amazing runners travel from all over the country and the world to compete right here in our own back yard," he said.

The unsual job ad has been well received within the running and drinking community, with many putting their hand up for the ambassador role.

"We've been stunned by the fantastic response to the best job in the world, it's been awesome and really looking forward to picking our winner," Croucher said.