Terrific the bull, who sired 38,000 daughters, 9 sons and 8 grandsons has been posthumously honoured for his great achievements.

Terrific, or Lynbrook Terrific ET S3J, was yesterday inducted into the Livestock Improvement Corporation Hall of Fame at the annual Breeders Day.

Simon Worth, livestock selection manager for Livestock Improvement Corporation, said Terrific's induction into the Hall of Fame was two-fold thanks to not only his great work producing daughters, but also the next generation – sons.

"The daughters that he has produced are outstanding, that's in terms of their efficient production ... but then also to be able to go through and sire sons that have been very successful and then grandsons that have been successful," Worth said.


"We have plenty of bulls that do a great job of producing quality daughters on the farm, but not all of them will go through and create the next generation of sons. He's been really successful."

Worth said Terrific ranked among the best Premier Sires in the team.

"He ranks right up there. He was leading from the top," Worth said.

"In terms of his role in Premier Sires he was certainly the leading bull pretty well all the way through."

Over time, Terrific was dubbed Mr Fix-it for his ability to offer an incredible balance of index together with positive daughter fertility and unbelievable udder and dairy conformation.

"Every cow has a weakness but old Mr Fix-it could fix pretty much everything," Worth said.

Terrific spent four years as a Premier Sire, totalling an impressive lifetime tally of 200,000 inseminations, before being retired in 2015 due to semen quality issues.

Terrific, who passed away in April 2016, is the 55th Hall of Fame inductee.


Fellow Premier Sire Priests Solaris was also inducted into the Hall of Fame.