House prices may be declining in most parts of the country but home affordability is stretching further out of reach in a few regions, a report has found.

Northland, Hawke's Bay and Central Otago have seen house prices rise over the summer quarter, the latest Massey University Home Affordability Report has found.

House prices in Northland increased by $25,000, Hawke's Bay $29,950 and Central Otago $53,500.

Prices in the Central Otago Lakes region have soared with the average now 15 times the average annual wage, compared to Auckland where that ratio is 13.1 times.


House price-to-income ratios in Northland and Hawke's Bay have risen to 8 and 7.4, respectively, raising concerns about affordability.

Report author associate professor Graham Squires says the mixed results across the country mean it is too early to say whether the longer-term trend is declining affordability.

"While the situation is changing from quarter to quarter, it is clear that New Zealand home affordability is still a national and regional problem in the short and medium term."

Over a 12-month period, all regions have become less affordable except in Canterbury-Westland.

The year-on-year changes in house prices show there has been a national increase of $35,000 in the median house price value.

The country's most affordable regions - Southland, Manawatu-Whanganui and Taranaki - remain unchanged as do the least affordable regions - Central Otago Lakes and Auckland.