It's a new financial year in a few days.

So this could be a good time to think about creating a New Client Super Magnet to attract ideal new clients to your business.

Let me explain:

A new client super magnet is something you offer (usually at no cost) that ideal potential clients will request.


Once people request this new client super magnet they are in effect putting up their hands and saying "I'm interested in what you sell".

So you now have interested potential clients to talk to.

I've found that a helpful "how to" guide related to what you sell makes an excellent new client super magnet.

Here are two examples to get you thinking:

Example 1: "It's your money so don't play bank"
Smart AR is a business that helps professional service firms to get better results with their accounts receivable.

Their ideal new client is a professional services firm (like an accounting firm, legal practice etc) that has overdue accounts receivable.

So to attract these ideal clients Smart AR offers a very helpful "how to" guide called "It's your money don't play bank".

The guide contains six proven strategies that professional services firms can use to get paid faster and enjoy a healthy positive cash flow in their business.


The guide is offered at no charge and has a ton of useful tips in it.

Example 2: The Ultimate Marketing Guide for Scientific Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers
Colm O'Regan is a scientist and a marketing advisor to scientific equipment makers and suppliers.

He helps his clients to make sales of scientific equipment to research labs and universities around the world.

The ideal client for Colm is a scientific equipment manufacturer or supplier who wants to boost their sales.

So Colm offers a helpful "how to" guide called "The Ultimate Marketing Guide for Scientific Manufacturers and Suppliers".

The guide is offered at no charge and contains 14 proven strategies that scientific equipment companies can use to attract ideal new customers and turn them into loyal raving fans for life.


One of the best things about offering a helpful how to guide as a new client super magnet is that it eliminates the hard work of "chasing" new clients.

It's a lot more fun when they are attracted to your business as a result of ordering or reading your "how to" guide compared to you having to chase them and try to get them to talk to you.

How to create an effective how to guide:

1. Give it an interesting title that will make potential clients keen to read it. The Employment Law Survival Guide. Speed Wealth: Two strategies to create a six-figure nest egg in 3-5 years. How to look 10 years younger in 10 days: The truth about cosmetic surgery.

2. Include valuable and useful ideas and tips in your how to guide. Show customers the potential problems that can happen when buying or using what you sell and how to avoid these problems.

Give people the most important questions they should always ask when buying your type of product or service.


Make sure your customers know what to look for and what to avoid when buying your type of product or service.

Include information that will help your customers to more effectively solve their problems or reach their goals.

And do all this in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

3. Promote your 'how to' guide.

You can offer it on your website, advertise it with display ads, send personal letters or emails inviting people to order it and so on.

The result of creating a helpful how to guide is that you will now have a new client super magnet that can often work well for years to attract the attention of ideal clients for your business.


It could be just what you need to make the new financial year a super successful one for your business.

"Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart" - Joe Chernov, VP of Marketing for InsightSquared.

Action Exercise:

Create a new client super magnet for your business.

(If you would like some help on doing this just send me an email.)

- Graham McGregor is a marketing advisor and helps businesses who offer an expensive service to quickly attract ideal new clients. You can download his new 106-page marketing guide "The Expensive Service Marketing Solution" at no charge from