An Ohio McDonald's manager is facing assault charges after allegedly firing shots at a customer through a drive-thru window.

Cleveland police issued an arrest warrant for 52-year-old Mark Fort on Thursday - shortly after the incident at the McDonald's at about 2am on Wednesday, reports the Daily Mail.

The driver of the car, a 22-year-old woman who doesn't want to be named, told Fox8 the night manager fired two shots at her rental SUV after her friend in the backseat accidentally sprayed him with a water bottle she was opening.

'It got on everybody in the car, and we all giggled and laughed and I said "I told you it was going to happen," and all you hear is "f***!" [and then] "boom boom,' she said.


The three women, who had ordered a smoothie, were stunned, added the alleged victim. They quickly drove away and called police, who examined a bullet hole near one of the car's tail lights before issuing the arrest warrant against the night manager.

Although no one was injured in the incident, the alleged victim said she could have been badly hurt by the manager's gun.

'You can't do stuff like that, you can't shoot at people! Who are you?

'If [he] had raised his hand a little bit more, I would be dead right now or paralyzed.

'You don't need to be in a customer service environment if you can't handle customers and if you can't present yourself as the type of person that you need to be,' she said.