An ice cream store owner has unleashed a spectacular rant against a customer who dared to give her business a two-star review.

The stoush, which has gone viral, occurred after customer Celena Ho left a less-than-impressive review for Singaporean frozen yoghurt and ice-cream store Fantasy Desserts on Facebook recently.

Ho accused staff of being disinterested and inattentive, and said "the ice cream waffle was piled randomly with cheap sugary candies and a paper unicorn" and that it "didn't look like they even put in effort on taste and presentation".

Ho added that customers would be "better off spending your $12 on a good quality gelato elsewhere".

Fantasy Desserts Orchard Gateway is where the epic feud started. Photo / Facebook
Fantasy Desserts Orchard Gateway is where the epic feud started. Photo / Facebook

While most businesses would have simply offered an apology or ignored the review altogether, store owner Sara Lim instead launched a scathing attack on the customer, sarcastically thanking her for the "fake feedback", pointing out the candies were purchased from Candylicious Singapore and were "not cheap" and stressing nothing in the store cost $12.

In response, a shocked Ho posted: "Instead of listening to your customers, this is how you treat them?" before later claiming her review had been deleted online.

Again, Lim refused to let the issue go, hitting back with a thinly-veiled threat of legal action and accusing Ho of being a fraud hellbent on ruining the business.

She wrote: " ... thanks for this very immature act. For your information, in case you don't know, we have the rights to sue you, for fake information of our company business and brand [sic]. Ruining a company's reputation that results in our losses, we can demand a sum back from you. So I suggest you stop your childish acts."

She also claimed reviews could not be deleted — although the review is mysteriously no longer visible on the store's Facebook page.

While Ho later clarified she had actually spent $10.90 and not $12 at the store, Lim demanded to know the date and time of her visit so staff could check CCTV footage to prove Ho had actually eaten there.

The store sells frozen yoghurt, sorbet and other desserts. Photo / Facebook
The store sells frozen yoghurt, sorbet and other desserts. Photo / Facebook

Of course, Facebook users were outraged by Lim's over-the-top reaction, with many calling for a boycott of the dessert shop.

Facebook user Jonny DeFlow Lesmana wrote: "It doesn't matter if she's fictional or real. What's real and makes community seething with anger is your ability to handle feedback."


Fikie Lee posted: "Just boycott don't make this snobbish spoiled rich kid richer," while Lee Beniot added, "Shitty customer service. Hope your business will go belly up soon."

Yesterday, Fantasy Desserts published a bizarre, rambling post about the "dramatic event" which "unfolded between Fantasy Desserts and a 'customer' Celena Ho", branding her review "malicious and spiteful".

The store claimed staff had not threatened to sue Ho, posting: "Stating that we have the rights to sue her, and 'going' to sue her has 2 totally different meanings."

It also offered a half-hearted apology — but the digs against their former customer continued, with the store posting: "We still don't know if she's a real customer or just a trouble maker."

The shop's Facebook page still has 2132 followers despite the ongoing FroYo furore.

According to the page's bio, "Fantasy Desserts is created to make all your dreams come true. We combine the beauty of art, creativity, science, and flavour, in making a magical dessert experience for you."