Bridal fever has hit the Bay of Plenty and it's proving highly lucrative for local businesses.

Wedding dresses are in hot demand. Owner of Evolution Clothing, Miranda Cobb, recently introduced a collection of bridesmaid dresses to her stores and they're flying off the racks.

"We've introduced eight styles that fit all different body shapes," she said. "You might have someone that is taller, shorter, carries weight in different places - we've accommodated all those body shapes with the different styles to ensure every bridesmaid has a style they feel comfortable with."

Miranda says they're making dresses for more than 700 weddings this summer alone.


Nicky Hayward of White Silk Bridal says the increase in sales has been so dramatic she's had to relocate from home, to opening up her own bridal store.

"Business has gotten bigger and I needed to expand. It's so nice to be able to move into a shop - to create this gorgeous atmosphere for brides to come and have their gown made."

Nicky says brides are increasingly keen to work with local designers to create their vision for their perfect day.

"I love a good challenge. I guess that's what I love about the bridal industry. You are working with clients who come with a specific design or ideas. Gowns they love, or parts of gowns they love, and then it's my job to put it all together to create this piece. When you can create something unique and different, it's definitely a drawcard."

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