Most people have heard that wearing a sharp suit and having a firm handshake are essential when it comes to job interviews.

But one recruitment expert has shared some insider tips she believes you've never heard before but will help you land your dream job.

From taking a psychometric test to giving 'star answers', Zoe Coy, divisional manager at recruitment consultancy Macildowie, shared six insider tips that every employee needs to know if they want to impress at an interview.

Use social media

If you want to figure out what kind of personality traits your potential new employer looks for in a candidate, analyse their social media channels. Many companies use Twitter and LinkedIn to reveal their company's 'culture' so you can figure out the type of person they want to hire.


Dress to impress

It's long been believed that a sharp suit will win you sartorial points in an interview but Zoe believes it's better to stand out from the crowd. She suggests incorporating something personal into your look, like colourful socks, a pocket scarf, a printed blouse or vibrant handbag.

Do a psychometric assessment

Zoe reveals that many companies now use psychometric assessments, which reveal key aspects of your personality, to select the right candidates. You should try and view your results before your face-to-face interview and analyse them to ensure you're not left stumped when you meet your potential new bosses.

Always give STAR answers

There's nothing worse than being stumped for an answer when you're put on the spot. A great solution is giving a STAR answer. When your interviewee asks you about a particular time you did well at work, ensure your answer involves identifying the Situation, Task, Action and Result.

Make it personal

When your employer asks you competency-based questions, be sure to reveal how these particular situations made you feel. 'How you felt, and in turn how you made the interviewer feel, will ensure you'll be remembered,' said Zoe.

The question to ask

When you're asked if you have any questions at the end of an interview, it's advisable to avoid 'what's the salary' and more important to ask 'what do you think makes your team successful?'. This, says Zoe, will help you build rapport with your potential boss more easily.


• Analyse their social media to discover the company culture

• Wear something colourful

• Analyse your psychometric test results before a face-to-face interview

• Use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action and Result) method

• Make your answers personal

• Ask 'what do you think makes your team successful?' at the end