Figures from a Kiwi online adult toy and lingerie retailer show Palmerston North residents bought the most sex toys in 2017 per capita.

Adult Toy Mega Store has released its figures for last year, breaking down sales figures to show where New Zealanders were spicing it up in the bedroom.

Closely behind Palmerston North was Hamilton, followed by Christchurch.

Product manager Emma Hewitt said the online retailer had experienced increased demand for toys as its products become more normalised.


Sales of "hardcore" products such as bondage equipment had also increased, along with expensive and "realistic" dolls.

Hewitt said the company had noticed spikes in sales with the release of each installment in the Fifty Shades saga.

"We're expecting the same to happen when the final film is released on Valentine's Day this year," she said.

Most sex toy purchases per capita top 5:
1. Palmerston North
2. Hamilton
3. Christchurch
4. Auckland
5. Wellington