Unlike the rest of us, tech entrepreneur Josiah Humphrey's mornings do not involve hitting the snooze button.

The 26-year-old, who co-founded app development company Appster with childhood friend Mark McDonald in 2011, follows a strict morning schedule to get the most out of his working day.

Appster, which develops mobile, web and wearable apps for start-ups and public figures, has been described as "the new Apple".

It aims to be "the world's first ideas company" with $100 million revenue by 2018.


They're ambitious goals, so it's no surprise to learn that Mr Humphrey's morning routine is anything but ordinary.

Luckily for us, he shared his morning tips for "a wickedly productive day" on LinkedIn earlier this week.

The young millionaire, who left school at 16, gets "hyped for the day ahead" with some short exercise, a cold shower (which he says "sucks"), meditation, gratitude, writing out his life goals, saying affirmations, writing a to-do list and getting started on the "single most important task of the day".

According to the app guru, "this is how you set yourself up for success every day" because "routine sets you free".

He followed up his morning routine by sharing his nutrition tips, which involve either fasting or feasting on a breakfast "full of protein and good fats".

Humphrey enjoys "lots of veggies, no sugar and little or no carbs until dinner", which he says keeps him "amped all day".

He also stressed the importance of sleep before a big day, with "plenty of deep sleep and REM" essential.

He uses BluBlockers to block blue light a few hours before bed to help him wind down, because "nothing kills your productivity like crappy sleep".


Humphrey, who was born in Auckland before moving with his family to Frankston, Victoria, also admitted to being a fan of song anchoring, which involves listening to "a certain type of genre or just one song for a period of hours" to achieve "pure focus".

Humphrey, who now lives in San Francisco, also shared his Spotify playlist, which includes the Rocky theme song.

And just like Elon Musk, Mr Humphrey is also a fan of the 'pomodoro technique' — a time management method which uses a timer to break down work into intervals, usually 25 minutes long, which is broken up by short breaks.

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