What is 2018 looking like for your business?

The New Zealand Initiative will continue to investigate ways in which we can make New Zealand a better country for all its people. It is great that more companies have joined us over the past year, and we hope to continue our growth.

How is that different to 2017? How has the last year been for your business?

The biggest difference is that 2017 was an election year. Election years are the worst time for serious policy debates because the parties are in campaign mode and any new idea is screened for how it fits into that. By contrast, 2018 should be a year in which both the Government and the opposition will be more receptive to new policy research and recommendations.


What are the issues affecting your industry in the next 12 months?

We expect continued interest in the big policy areas affecting all New Zealanders: housing affordability, education and social policy.

What is the biggest issue you would like the new Government to champion in 2018?

After years of inaction, now is the time to get serious on planning reform to make housing affordable again.

Do you get a break this summer? What's your favourite way to relax?

Yes, I will have a good break over the summer and recharge my batteries. No better way to relax than to spend time at home with family.