Each of Auckland's suburbs has a golden strip - a street that has the highest value of all the streets in the area – a dozen of which have properties worth more than $4 million.

An analysis of CoreLogic data based on the Auckland Council valuations released in November has highlighted the streets in each suburb with the highest median rateable value (RV).

The analysis done in partnership with the Herald's insight's team has broken down the value of all streets, where there are at least five properties, in each suburb across the Auckland region, to establish which was the most valuable.

Explore below to find Auckland's most expensive streets


Suburbs where streets crossed across more than one suburb were excluded from the analysis.

The most golden of those analysed was Strathfield Lane, in Whitford, which had a median RV of $6.75m, across its seven properties, followed by Cremorne St in Herne Bay with a median RV across its 14 properties of $6.3m.

While Cremorne St has the title of most expensive residential street in Auckland, it has slipped into second spot in this analysis which has included figures from occupied lifestyle properties.

Across all of the 258 suburbs in the Auckland region analysed there were 12 suburbs where the most valuable street had a median RV of above $4m - four of these were above $5m.

Meanwhile 32 suburbs across the Auckland region had its most valuable street with an RV below $1m.

In Tapora, a suburb on the outskirts of the region, the most expensive strip was Okahukura Rd, with a median RV of $495,000 across its 11 properties.

To see which street in your suburb has the highest value take a look at this Herald interactive below.

The data was analysed by CoreLogic's Nick Goodall and the Herald's data journalist Chris Knox