Air New Zealand's Christmas advert, "A Very Merry Mistake", shows the trouble Santa Claus might have understanding Kiwi kids.

In the ad, Santa struggles to understand children calling from New Zealand with gift requests.

Santa thinks the child asking for a basketball is requesting a "biscuit ball" and on the phone to the child asking for a piggy bank, Santa thinks he hears a "puggy bank".

"We seem to be having some trouble with the Kiwi accent," Santa says in the ad.


According to the airline's chief marketing and customer officer Mike Tod, Air New Zealand is celebrating the season in a "uniquely New Zealand way".

"While it's no secret the Kiwi accent has been misunderstood at times, it's also a signature part of our service. In fact, for many Kiwis, being welcomed onboard an Air New Zealand flight by crew after being offshore for some time makes them feel instantly back at home.

"We wanted to celebrate the festive season and the Kiwi accent in a humorous and uniquely Air New Zealand way."

The mismade toys that the Santa elves will have come up with after hearing Santa's requests from Kiwi children will be given away by the airline on social media throughout December.