Noel Leeming is expanding its customer service offering with increased after-purchase services such as on-call tech advice.

The electronics and appliance retailer has launched MyTechSolution, a paid purchase add-on which includes in-home installation, a tutorial session, extended product warranty and unlimited on-call help.

Consumer technology is transforming Kiwis' lives and the retailer was moving with the times, Sean Stephens, general manager of retail services at Noel Leeming, said.

"We want to help people with their technology problems - and that means being where they are, which isn't necessarily in a store," Stephens said. "To deliver service we need to go to where the customers are having problems - which can be in their home, on the go, or when they bring their tech problems into our stores."


Stephens said MyTechSolution was launched to relieve consumer problems, and expected the service to be well-received.

"Around 250,000 New Zealanders walk into a Noel Leeming store every week, but only a small percentage take full advantage of all the features and benefits of their new technology purchases," he said.

"We want more New Zealanders to take advantage of the expertise we can provide and get the most out of their technology."

Noel Leeming has 79 stores across New Zealand. The electronics retailer was acquired by The Warehouse Group in 2012.