Orcon is closing its Manila centre to re-establish it on Auckland's North Shore.

The broadband provider said the move, which will create 60 new jobs, is happening because customers prefer dealing with a New Zealand based team.

The new Orcon call centre will be based at the company's Takapuna office.

"The move home has given us the chance to look at how we can do things better," said general manager Taryn Hamilton.


"We're streamlining the way we take the masses of general accounts queries we get on a daily basis, and have invested in creating a well-trained team to focus purely on tech issues," Hamilton said.

Hamilton said having the centre based in New Zealand would give the support team the ability to identify and respond to issues faster, in real time.

"This year has seen us improve almost every aspect of the business and bringing the call centre home is the final piece in the puzzle," Hamilton said.

"We have re-established our customer service where the company's heart is and the move back to being completely New Zealand based is something we're incredibly proud of."

The new call centre will be up and running by December 4.