The Commerce Commission is looking into charges at Auckland and Christchurch Airports that have been set for the five years until 2022.

The commission today released a process and issues paper for the review.

Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington International Airports are required to disclose information on specific services including include aircraft, freight, airfield and passenger terminal activities undertaken by the airports.

Commerce Commission deputy chairwoman Sue Begg said the paper outlines how the Commission intends to approach the review.


"Areas we propose to focus on include the reasonableness of the airports' target returns, forecast capital and operating spending, and the efficiency of pricing," Begg said.

The purpose of the paper is to promote greater understanding of the performance of individual regulated airports, their relative performance, and the changes in performance over time.

The Commission intends to release its draft report for Auckland International Airport in March and for Christchurch International Airport in May 2018.