Spark customers have complained of receiving highly offensive text messages, with the telco confirming it's been subjected to a phishing scam.

Several Spark mobile customers contacted the Herald with screenshots of messages purporting to be from the telecommunications company, including some that told users to "die" if they didn't top up and made jokes about feeling suicidal.

One text warned the phone owner: "You refuse to topped up! Spark is different from most phone providers, if you don't honour our clear directions, we will be forced to take action! Top up the phone or we will leak your browser history on all the social media platforms you love."

Another missive said: "Got the misus pregnant? No worry's the team at spark has you covered! Top up in the next 24 hours and we'll hook up the family with quality day care options for 36 months. Get in quick, this offer won't last long!"


Most of the texts were received between 7pm and 10pm last night. All included a link at the bottom of the text, with one customer saying when he clicked on the link his phone froze.

A Spark spokeswoman said the company's security team had investigated the messages and said it was "highly unlikely" Spark's system had been hacked.

The texts were probably a form of SMS phishing - a common scam in which a texter pretends to be from a particular company. A link is often included which may be malicious.

"Our guys have taken a look at this link and at this point they don't think it's malicious," the spokeswoman said.

However she said Spark advised that if customers receive any unusual-looking messages they should not click on the links in the message.

Spark's security team is analysing the messages further, she said.