Dunkin' Donuts has sparked a frenzy among its fans after revealing that it will remove 'close to a third' of its items off the donut menu in an attempt to 'simplify' the brand.

The chain announced in August that it was thinking about dropping the the word 'donuts' from its name entirely, according to Grub Street, meaning that a new Pasadena location will see 'Dunkin' rather than its familiar name.

But the store took it one step further and announced a short time after that they would be downgrading from more than 30 to 18 donuts in an attempt to restore the chain's 'donut mojo' by the end of the month, according to Daily Mail.

"We've shrunk the amount of donut variety and we're seeing a lift in those markets instantly," David Hoffmann, the president of the company, told Nation's Restaurant News.


He said the secret is imitating the donut ambiance found at a "boutique shop" because the company wants to make moves toward an ornate-style pastry chain.

"For the options that remain, the company is hoping to offer the charms of an artisanal shop but in a mass-produced model," David said. "Let's not try to outdo a boutique shop, but let's take their variety."

Some stores will eventually make their way back to selling 24 donuts but that will only be at select locations and after taking "consumer feedback and regional preferences" into account.

"It's one of the most aggressive simplification efforts I've ever been part of," David told Nation's Restaurant News. "We're eliminating close to a third of our menu items with minimal sales resistance."

The donut chain has already been decreasing the menu size in stores in select locations and the company is pleased with the results thus far with there being "a lift in those markets instantly."

But Dunkin' won't be expanding the downgrade to all its locations quite yet as a spokesperson confirmed to Thrillist that the donut decrease were part of a "test" occurring at 1,000 stores nationwide.

Despite the donut removal, the store has added new flavors into what the president of the company said is "already a successful production formula".

Dunkin' dropped a spider donut this month, in honor of Halloween, and it features orange icing, a donut whole in the center and chocolate drizzle that act as the spider legs.

It is also testing a donut with Maple and bacon bits.

But for those worried about the security of other menu items, do not fret because as of now, there is no indication that the changes impact the other savory meals such as the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.

Rather, food will be the selling point for the store.

"Simplification isn't about saving your way to prosperity," David told Nation's Restaurant News. "It's about creating room for growth to position yourself as a beverage-led, on-the-go brand."