This is Denise Cherelle Greig, back in jail for ripping off the elderly.

Greig, 31, was sentenced to 20 months' jail in the Christchurch District Court yesterday for her part in a group which scammed a 69-year-old couple and 93-year-old out of about $50,000. She had previously been jailed for the same scam where more than $250,000 was stolen from unsuspecting pensioners.

The scam involved Greig and co-offenders posing as bank staff and conning elderly into thinking their power would be cut off.

They phoned their victims saying there was a problem with their payment system and said they needed the PIN number.


The offenders would then go to the victim's home with a Prezzy card, a debit card which money can be loaded on to, and exchanged it for the alleged faulty card.

They then emptied the victim's account. Age Concern Canterbury chief executive Simon Templeton said it was absolutely disgusting that people like Greig saw the elderly as a "soft-target".

"She has caused a huge amount of harm to these people," he said.

"What [she has] done has a huge impact on their lives. It is not a victimless crime."

His message to Greig: "Don't come out [of jail] and do it again, get the help you need inside."

Greig's latest victims have been reimbursed by their banks. But others have been left out
of pocket, Templeton said.

"Unfortunately, when you provide your personal details that voids the banks' responsibility and then the victim is left out of pocket," he said.

Police were alerted by family members and launched operations to catch Greig and her co-offenders.


Greig has been reported as saying she spent the money on drugs.