Food delivery company Eat My Lunch is launching a dinner option in a bid to be able to provide more free lunches to school kids in need.

The catering company works by providing one school lunch for every lunch sold. Eat My Dinner will work on the same model, counting towards kids' lunches.

The dinners options will change daily with the options designed by celebrated Auckland chef Michael Meredith.

Founder and chief executive Lisa King said the idea had been in the pipeline for a while and was worked on for about nine months and was a way to get more people involved.


King said the dinners will be a healthy and fast option for singles, couples or families.

Meredith is the culinary advisor to and a minor shareholder in Eat My Lunch. Prior to joining the company he owned and operated Meredith's restaurant which was a Metro supreme winner in 2009 and Cuisine's restaurant of the year in 2011.

He'd already been a public supporter of the Green Party's "feed the kids" bill and ran dine-by-donation nights at his restaurant.

When co-founders King and Iaan Buchanan approached him with the idea about a month after the Government voted no to the feed the kids' bill, Meredith immediately said yes to Eat My Lunch.

Last month, Eat My Lunch urged MPs to "put their money where their mouth is" and buy from the company.

"The fact that in just over two years we've made half a million GIVE lunches demonstrates we have a problem with child poverty in New Zealand," King said at the time.

"I get calls from schools every day asking us to deliver lunches to their children. With a waiting list of 29 schools we know the problem isn't going away," she said.

The meals will cost $12 for a kids option, $14 for a classic dinner option and $17 for a larger "hungry" option.

The company is already taking orders for Eat My Dinner with deliveries starting on Monday and available in the central Auckland area.