The internet is lamenting the death of iconic graphics program Paint, which Microsoft has indicated is on the chopping block.

The scene of many a crime against the graphic arts in the 90s and naughties, Microsoft has labelled Paint as "deprecated", which means it could be removed from the Windows 10 update to be released in spring.

The classic program is "not in active development and might be removed in future releases", according to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update list.

Paint was introduced in the first version of the Windows operating system in 1985.


It allows even the most novice users to manipulate images with ease and create crude doodles.

Fans of the program are upset at news of its demise.

The program will be supplanted by an updated Paint 3D which, although it was inspired by the original, is a much more sophisticated program focused on creating images in three dimensions with Microsoft's Surface Pen, rather than a mouse.

The Windows 10 update is also set to kill off the Outlook Express email program.