Newlyweds Mary and Tyler Guest were surprised to be spending at the top end of their budget on a house in Rotorua, but say it's a "pretty amazing house" for what they paid.

It comes as new Real Estate Institute of New Zealand figures are released, showing the median sale price in Rotorua last month was $355,000.

The pair both recently got jobs in Rotorua, then faced the daunting task of trying to find somewhere to live.

"It was tough to begin with, we first considered renting but we decided it was actually going to be easier buying a house than trying to get a rental," Mrs Guest said.


"We needed to start our jobs almost straight away so we lived with my mum for a little while.

"After a month of actively looking in Rotorua we found this house and put an offer on it before it even had an open home."

The couple bought the Ngongotaha house last month for $430,000.

"We were surprised by how much the prices had increased. We weren't expecting it but in the end we spent at the top end of our budget.

"The previous owner bought the house last year for quite a bit less so it's clear the prices in the city are increasing."

According to, the house sold for $400,000 in August last year. In July 2012 it sold for $310,000.

Mr and Mrs Guest's Kiwisaver funds made up about two thirds of their deposit.

"We were feeling like it was going to be impossible, because that's what you hear the most about - but there are ways of doing it. It was our goal and we were determined to achieve it."

Mary and Tyler Guest at their new home in Ngongotaha. Photo/supplied
Mary and Tyler Guest at their new home in Ngongotaha. Photo/supplied