Ever had an argument with your client over work you or your staff have completed? How about if problems occur down the road? Who is liable?

Here is a simple FREASY (free and easy) three step solution for you and your team.

1. Photograph it

When the initial inspection for your quote is taking place - have the person snap some photos on their smartphone with it. Everyone today has a smartphone!


This photo can also be added on to or sent along with your quote for the work to be completed.

2. Store it

Open a free online file storage account. For example you have OneDrive by Microsoft; GoogleDrive by Google and Dropbox. All are free.

Dropbox gives you 7 gigabyte of storage. OneDrive is 7 gigabytes, Google Drive 10 gigabytes (although it is a combined Google limit so if you use Gmail that is included in the storage limit).

a. All you need is an app on the phone and this will allow the photos to be uploaded. When the account is set up - give all your staff access to the account so they can upload images.

b. For easy future searching I recommend that you instruct staff to first create a folder with either the client name or address; then upload the images they took.

c. After a certain timeframe you don't get the work - delete the folder.

3. Photo it Again


When the work is in process (if you deem it a good idea) and then when completed; repeat the photo (or video) taking process and again upload the images to the client folder.

This way if there ever is a question that arises one month; one year - even two years after the job has been completed - you'll have visuals to go back to in support of the work your business completed.