Some Apple users could be in for a shock, with the tech giant announcing all devices manufactured in 2013 or earlier will soon be made obsolete.

Apple has announced its iOS 11 update will only operate on 64-bit devices at the World Developers Conference, which means older models such as the iPhone 5 and 5c will no longer receive updates and security fixes, The Guardian reported.

The iPad 4 and hundreds of apps will also be made obsolete under the new software as it will remove support for 32-bit apps.

According to The Guardian, those using newer devices such as the iPhone 7 and the latest iPad will also be affected by the new software as some older apps are only coded to 32-bit and not for a 64-bit system.


This means apps that have not been updated since 2015 may stop working on devices that have received the update.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook offered a sneak peek into the latest software release at the World Developers Conference being held in California, US.

The iOS 11 update will reportedly include a augmented reality feature for the first time, and voice assistant Siri has been upgraded to allow users to choose from a male or female person, The Guardian reported.

Users can check which apps will be affected in the update by going to Settings > General > About > Applications > App Compatibility.

The latest software will be made available in six months.