George Duncan is happy.

After six months hard graft, his new 1200 litre brew house in Sheffield St, Paraparaumu, is fully operational.

A warehouse has been fully converted into the new home of Duncan's Brewing Company.

Beforehand he had been contract brewing at various locations before taking the plunge and creating his own brewery HQ and becoming a full time commercial brewer.


The brewery celebrated the milestone on March 1 with a one-off 1100 litre American style IPA, which soon sold out.

George said the hard work had been worth it but noted there was still a lot to do.

"The big obstacle has been getting it to open but now it's selling the stuff."

Fortunately he already has about half a dozen bars in Wellington selling his craft beer as well as a few bars in Kapiti.

The brewery creates pale ale, pilsner, stout and monthly seasonal releases.

"I'm really pleased with where we have got to but there is still a lot of work to build the brand and turn the brewery into a business."

It was a "surreal moment" creating the first batch of beer at the premises especially as there had been so many components involved leading up to it.

"It's a good feeling and we're happy with the beer that is coming out of the brewery."


George has done a lot of the brewery build himself but has had help from a number of people too.

"I have called in a lot of favours, especially being a builder, and also had a lot of advice.

"There has been a lot of help and my family have been a big part of it."

Being so hands-on has also given George an intimate knowledge of the brewery's ins and outs especially when it comes to troubleshooting.

The brewery is working through the process of getting an off-licence onsite - people can keep up to date with progress via the Duncan's Brewing Co Facebook page.