KFC chicken wings really flew when they were collected from an Auckland drive-thru by a drone.

Ollie Mason-Clarke, who is known on social media as the King of Cheat Meals, filmed the drone video in collaboration with Visualise Media and it's been a hit online.

Mason-Clarke said the video wasn't a marketing stunt for KFC.

"It was just a fun project I wanted to do," he said.


He followed Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) guidelines and chose the Lynfield KFC because the drive-thru borders a park, so the drone didn't have to be flown over any roads.

A spokeswoman for Restaurant Brands said Mason-Clarke worked with KFC's ops team, health and safety manager and store manager to ensure safety of staff and customers during filming.

"It's a cleverly constructed and fun piece of fan-made content by the King of Cheat Meals," the spokeswoman said.

"KFC drive-thrus are strictly for use by customers in vehicles and, given CAA regulations, the use of a flying drone is not permitted."

A spokeswoman for the CAA said as long as consent had been granted from the owner of the properties the drone flew over, and Mason-Clarke had followed the requirements of the civil aviation rules the flight was fine.