General practitioners still have the highest-paid advertised roles in Auckland, according to research from careers website

The results reveal the top-paying jobs in Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury as advertised on job-search site Seek this month.

Jobs for Auckland GPs were advertised on average at $143,214, which Seek general manager Janet Faulding says reflects our ageing demographic.

"As people live longer and our population continues to increase, so will demand for these professionals to help enhance the wellbeing and longevity of people's lives through medical health care," Faulding said.


Wellington's highest-paid role was similarly in the health sector - medical specialist jobs were advertised for an average of $143,538 - whereas in Canterbury, health-sector roles didn't make the top five.

"The top five highest-paying jobs on Seek for the Canterbury region are spread across several industries. This is encouraging news for jobseekers," said Faulding.

"These industries include real estate and property, banking and financial services, engineering, insurance and superannuation, and information and communication technology [ICT]."

The top-paid role in Canterbury was real estate and property, which was advertised for an average of $121,818, followed by banking and financial services at $116,000, project management (engineering) at $115,210, management (insurance and superannuation) at $114,091, and ICT at $113,682.

The runners-up in Auckland were jobs for architects, advertised for an average of $128,894, followed by ICT at $125,374 and financial managers and controllers at $121,646.

In Wellington, ICT came in second place at $128,926 followed by architects at $126,833 and internal management at $123,270.

Wellington leads the cities with the highest average salary at $81,321, followed by Auckland at $76,326 and Canterbury at $73,378. The average salary for New Zealand was $75,301.