What if we told you there was a way to carry a desktop computer in your pocket?

If you think this sounds like nonsense, you are in for a very big surprise when Samsung unveils its Galaxy S8 at its flagship event next week.

A leak has confirmed the forthcoming smartphone will connect to a small dock capable of turning the Galaxy S8 into a full-fledged Android-based desktop computer.

Similar to Microsoft's Continuum for Windows Mobile, Samsung's 'Desktop Experience' feature will offer users the ability to use their S8 as a computer, without the need of mirroring.


The dock, known as the Samsung DeX Station, was kept under wraps until trusted leaker Roland Quandt shared a picture of the product on Twitter and specs on German website WinFuture.

The product comes shaped like a doughnut and is opened into the docking port, which allows the Galaxy S8 to enter a desktop mode.

Of all the specs, the most impressive is the integration of an active cooling fan designed to keep the S8's temperature down when handling PC workloads.

This is obviously a much needed feature given the exploding battery saga that caused a global recall of the Note 7 last year.

Other specs include the ability to connect the Galaxy S8 to an external display monitors with resolutions up to 4K (30fps), a 100Mbps Ethernet socket and two USB 2.0 ports.

Impressively, the dock also supports Adaptive Fast Charging that works as soon as the smartphone is plugged.

According to the leak, the product is tipped cost around $A200, which is fairly reasonable all things considered.