The new owner of Hardwired Industries Limited (HIL) is running circuts day and night.

Johan De Villiers, who bought HIL from Ricky Lee on February 1, has offered a 24/7 electrical and mechanical breakdown service with no additional costs in a bid to become the most efficient and cost effective team of electrians in Whanganui.

"We want to make our service more efficient for all local people living in Whanganui. One area we are doing this is by reducing turn around times by not spending three days on a job that can take one day,

"For us it's quite important to do the job and finish it without lingering on the job or wasting time...but also making sure it's done safely and professionally," Mr De Villiers said.


Mr De Villiers moved to the River City nearly two years ago from South Africa with his wife and 16 year old daughter.

"When we visited New Zealand in 2014, we fell in love and instantly made the choice to pack up our things and move over permanently," he said.

Before buying the business Mr De Villiers worked as an electrician under the former owner Ricky Lee. Mr De Villiers has owned a similar business, in South Africa, operating with solar panels, electrical services, mechanics, photovoltatic systems and heat pumps. Over the past 25 years he has worked in domestic, industrial, commerical and rural areas.

Mr De Villiers is a qualified millwright by trade which means he is skilled in "every trade but plumbing."

"One of our specialities is found in the Industrial sector.....I have gained skills to install, dismantle, repair, reassemble and moved massive machinery in factories...and making electrical drawings,

"The advantage of being a millwright is that customers don't have to deal with different trades separately....I can do all the electrical, the mechanical, the hydraulics and the pneumatics which saves time and money."