Qantas chief Alan Joyce has called for smoother border arrangements between New Zealand and Australia and taken a swipe at government taxes which are "killing the goose that lays the golden egg."

Joyce said Australia-New Zealand travel should be as seamless as possible.

"There's no reason why the travel between the two countries should be not like travel within New Zealand. It should be the same. It would make it easier for business travellers and it would make tourism a lot easier," he told a Transtasman Business Circle event.

More than a million passengers cross the Tasman from each country every year.


"From an infrastructure perspective what it does is improve our efficiency dramatically because we can use domestic terminals."

He noted taxes were going up when air fares were going down.

"We are seeing taxes by governments that are, we think, killing the goose that lays the golden egg. For example the Australian passenger movement charge is going up to A$60 [$65] per passenger."

Border charges were also increased in this country in the past two years for bio-security screening.

Joyce said he was also concerned about rising airport charges.

A group of airlines have put aside their commercial differences to advocate for airline issues with governments "to make sure we can compete against the rest of the world."

Air New Zealand, Qantas, Virgin, REX, Jetstar and Tiger are part of the group.