It is the stuff that nightmares are made of and many people have all lost hours and hours and hours attempting to put them together.

But Ikea have now given their dreaded DIY flatpacks a massive makeover.

Ikea's new snap furniture comes together like a jigsaw puzzle, and the company says its new wedge dowel should cut down assembly time by 80 per cent.

The new 'Lisabo' range is on sale with certain products now in Australia and the company said that it would ease the frustrations of customers significantly.


While Ikea doesn't have a physical presence New Zealand, its products are available via some importers.

The Swedish furniture retailer - known for its cheap prices, trendy deigns and flat packs - frequently tops the list of brands Kiwis want to see in New Zealand.

Rumours have circulated for years that the brand may expand to New Zealand however this has so far not eventuated. A Bring IKEA to NZ Facebook page has almost 19,000 likes.