The region's building boom looks set to continue this year, with local councils granting consents worth near-record amounts after a New Year slump.

Figures compiled by Priority One show that the Tauranga and Western Bay councils approved 347 construction projects in February.

The total value of the projects was $97.3 million, including $60 million of homes.

Tauranga's February total of $73.8 million was the city's third-highest month in the past two years.


It was almost double January's $38.1 million, which was the lowest figure in two years.

Priority One projects manager Annie Hill said the latest figures showed that January's slump was not part of a trend.

"I thought things were plateauing off," she said. "But they've bounced back to almost record levels."

Next month was also expected to produce large figures, with a $40 million consent for a new campus likely to be approved.

Tauranga City Council communication advisor Marcel Currin said low numbers were normal for January because of "holiday downtime across the industry followed by a spike as everyone tries to catch up".

Papamoa was "way ahead in terms of new residential builds".

Among Tauranga's biggest consents last month were for $8.6 million worth of construction at Pacific Coast Village retirement home, $1.5 million for shops on Fifteenth Ave, and $3 million for a kiwifruit facility at Port of Tauranga.

The Western Bay of Plenty District Council approved $23.5 million worth of construction last month.

Of this, $7.5 million was in the government and education category and included $6 million for the second stage of a new gymnasium at ACG Tauranga and $1.1 million for a technology block at Katikati College.

Western Bay District Council staff did not respond in time for this story.

February building consent highlights

Tauranga City Council

Homes: $48.3 million
Commercial: $16.3 million
Other: $9.2 million
Total: $73.8 million

Western Bay of Plenty District Council

Homes: $12 million
Government/Education: $7.5 million
Other: $4 million
Total: $23.5 million

Source: Priority One