Cricket app business CricHQ has acquired UK-based My Action Replay.

The acquisition follows a pre-existing technical partnership between the two companies.

CricHQ said in a statement that the deal would make video capture and sharing more accessible to clubs, schools and second tier representative cricket.

"Cricket teams worldwide will be able to easily live-stream their matches, and through integration with the CricHQ platform, live match data will be automatically included in the broadcast," the statement said.


Players, fans, coaches and selectors would be able to search for and review video coverage of each player, based on a range of variables such as deliveries faced or scoring shots.

The acquisition is the first major business move by the sports tech company since former Saatchi & Saatchi chief executive Kevin Roberts took over as chairman late last year.

Roberts said this was precisely the sort of development and future-thinking that drew him to the company.

"CricHQ is putting the player and fans at the heart of what it's doing. By enabling fans and players to see video of cricket at all levels, we'll get to enjoy cricket in a whole new way," he said.

The acquisition and full integration of CricHQ and My Action Replay will be complete in time for the UK cricket season.