Normality is restored ...

Now that we are all back to work, kids are back to school and the regularity of general life has resumed, many turn to their career and assess whether or not it's time to move on.

As a career coach, I find many people decide to seek a new employer, solely because they have spent an extended time working for their current company. Before you jump ship just because you don't want to be perceived in your CV as "afraid of change', do a quick stock take about why we work, and the benefits and negatives that your current employment brings.

Think about the following points like a compass, with north being a great employer, and south being a terrible employer. As you read each of the following points, see how your compass heading moves, and this should give you a good indication about your next career steps.



Does your current role challenge you in what you do on a relatively regular basis? If it's getting really stale, and you feel like you are just "going through the motions" every day, this is an indication that you may need a new challenge careerwise.Team Do you enjoy the team you work with? If you get on well with your colleagues and are respected for your role in your department, it's a real positive.Your Manager I know I have had a wide range of good and bad bosses, so how does your current boss rate? If you like them and they bring out the best in you, this is worth its weight in gold.OrganisationDo you respect the organisation you work for? Do you agree with their values, stance on the environment or products and services they sell?

Growth opportunities

Does your organisation have a career path for you, or are there genuine growth opportunities available within the wider organisation (such as travel or education)?


One aspect many people forget is the lifestyle your employer gives you. Besides money, are there flexible working hours, work-from-home options or is job sharing available? With many commutes in Auckland being almost three hours return, you may be spending more than 25 days a year in your car driving to and from work

What is that worth in lifestyle terms?

Long can be goodWhereas today, working for an employer for two years or so is perfectly standard, don't forget many employers would prefer to have someone with five or more years' experience at their previous organisation. This longer tenure generally demonstrates aspects such as loyalty, stickability and resilience, rather than a perception of fear of change, comfort or laziness.


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