Food group Lewis Road Creamery is branching out with its latest product - Chocolate Cream Liqueur.

Lewis Road will be partnering with beer brewer Moa for sales and distribution of the new product.

The 17 per cent alcohol liqueur combines 54 per cent Belgian chocolate and triple-distilled premium spirits and will be launched on Friday.

The company has already been successful with its Whittaker's chocolate milk collaboration.


When that product launched in 2014, it sold out across the country sparking a frenzy, with purchase limits being put in place, queues and Trade Me auctions at inflated prices.

Lewis Road founder Peter Cullinane said the latest liqueur product was the company's first foray outside the supermarket and was a natural progression for the company.

He said the aim was to rival the likes of Bailey's or Irish Cream.

"If the Irish can do it, so can we," Cullinane said. "We're all about innovation and finding new ways to pay homage to our dairy heritage and this cream liqueur delivers on our mission."

The 700ml bottles would be distributed by beer brand Moa, who's chief executive Geoff Ross helped with production.

Lewis Road Creamery, which was founded in 2012, now produces butter, milks and creams, flavoured milks, ice-cream, custard and bread.