A classic milk product is being given fresh life in Clutha.

Dairy farmer Andrew Moir is back selling glass bottled, pasteurised full-cream milk in the Clutha District as he was unable to sell the raw product due to law reform.

New regulations which dictated the selling of raw milk to consumers was introduced in 2015 which affected Moir's ability to sell milk ''straight from the vat''.

Moir said he was aware the law changes were coming but it was just a matter of adjusting and doing things differently.


Months went into converting a small grazing block of land at Benhar to a small-production dairy farm and becoming certified with the Ministry of Primary Industries.

Moir is now able to sell freshly pasteurised milk with cream on the top, just like it was in ''the good old days''.

''You want milk that has got everything in it and nothing has been taken.''

The ''old school big dollop of cream'' was what everybody remembered.

Moir's dairy farm is only a small production line with a limited herd of 65 ''very spoilt'' cows on 25ha of land. The site was managed by Moir and one other, Craig Jenkins.

Demand for the milk was high since distribution of the milk began at several stores in the Clutha District.

''It's going quite well considering I've only just started and I can't keep up.''

Moir had already ordered a fresh batch of glass bottles as he had nearly sold out already.

The popularity of the milk was further accentuated by selling it in traditional glass bottles in an exchange or ''swap'' system.

Moir's Windy Ridge Dairy farm was named for the road it was built in.

The milk is available only in selected stores in the Clutha District and Moir has no plans to extend the distribution outside the area.