Home food delivery service My Food Bag has apologised to customers after sending out a vegetarian box recipe which contained fish products.

My Food Bag sent a sauce containing oyster and anchovies as part of an okonomiyaki recipe to customers who order its vegetarian food and recipe bundle.

It has since apologised to customers for the mistake, a spokeswoman for the company said.

"The error was detected yesterday on Sunday 22 January and customers were quickly alerted to the mistake. An alternate recipe for a vegetarian version of the sauce was provided and customers who received the bag were given a $5 credit," she said.


"We regret this error and this should not have happened. We are examining our processes and speaking to the supplier to ensure this does not happen again. Fortunately our system of direct and instant communication with our food lovers enables us to notify all those who received their vegetarian bag shortly after it was delivered."

The My Food Bag vegetarian box costs $119 per week and serves 2 adults.

The okonomiyaki recipe remains on My Food Bag's website but without the sauce containing fish products. Okonomiyaki sauce is similar in taste to Worcestershire sauce which also contains anchovies.

Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake with the primary ingredient of cabbage but is often filled with bacon or pork belly strips. The okonomiyaki is typically topped with katsuobushi (fish flakes derived from dried Tuna).