Jeremy Moon's journey in business has taken him to far-fetched places, but none more remote than Antarctica.

Moon rustled together $200,000 from friends, his parents and parents of friends to start Icebreaker 22 years ago.

Last year the company sold $200 million worth of product around the world. The brand supplies clothing to more than 5000 stores in 45 countries and has six offices worldwide. Eighty five per cent of income is from sales from the Northern Hemisphere.

Moon told the Business Herald in a wide-ranging interview, starting the merino wool clothing company didn't feel like a risk.


"It didn't feel like a risk starting Icebreaker at all. It wasn't a question that lived in my head. I could feel it in my stomach - it was impulse - I had to do this and my mantra was 'this will work if I don't screw it up'.

"I knew the idea was good enough, so I took full responsibility for it."

More than two thirds of global carbon emissions are generated by business activity.

Moon travelled to Antarctica to deliver a TEDx talks on humanity's relationship with the climate.

He said finding out about how businesses can learn from nature and work as a collaborative ecosystem is his passion.